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E62405SP Volex 2 Prong Power Cord With Round Edge And Flat Edge

E62405SP Volex 2 Prong Power Cord With Round Edge And Flat Edge

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Part Number:E62405SP

Volex power cord with one flat edge and one round edge.
Part #:  E62405SP

Length: 6 feet
Manufacturer: Volex
Voltage: 125V 7A

This replaces the following model numbers and will
function in the same manner:

- Ching Cheng E88446, EL-713, EL-451
- HCJ E82423, LR95162, SU-1P, SU6P
- Hirakawa Hewtech VM0228AP, VM0292A
- KDK-F KP-10W, KS-15W
- Longwell E55349, LP-11W
- Swain E65753, SP-013B, SP033, LR65789
- Unilec E65714, UP-117, UC-225
- YFC E94923, SF21, LR9490

2 prong power cord compatible with a variety of electronics:
AC adapters, printers, some older laptops,
portable radios, appliances, cable boxes, cable / internet modems
and other misc. electronics.




Package Contents: 
Power cord only


Additional Notes:
Please note that this model number also corresponds to other power cords which may
be shaped different and will not be compatible. Make sure the power cord you need is a
2-prong with one round edge and one flat edge with notches in the middle of the part that
plugs into the electronic being powered as shown in the images above.


Refurbished Standard
Please refer to warranty tab for more information.

Internal stock #: E62405SP-RF

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