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AS023183117 PWB-IV10123T/H2-LF Gateway laptop inverter board

AS023183117 PWB-IV10123T/H2-LF Gateway laptop inverter board

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Part Number:AS023183117

LCD inverter board for Gateway laptops

PWB-IV10123T/H2-LF  IV10123/T-LF






Package Contents:

LCD inverter only


Additional Notes:

Replacing an inverter board is a delicate procedure and it is recommended that the proper
instructions are followed. Please remove the old inverter to verify the part number and make
sure it matches with the one being purchased.

Laptop manufacturers use a variety of inverters for the same model system. If upon replacing
the inverter the screen is still dim there is a possibility that the backlight is burned. The inverter
fixes most dim screens but other issues can be the cause of a dim LCD. Our inverters have
been tested and will fix the problem if the inverter being replaced is faulty.



We offer a 30 day money back or exchange warranty upon return should this item be faulty.

Note that warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper installation or installation
into a non compatible system.


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